track The Challenge

Tracking your golf buggy or cart requires some specialist knowledge to make sure the tracker can work in a 36 volt chassis, and that the installation doesn’t result in the buggy batteries being run down when it’s not in use.

track Our Solution

We install our waterproof P75 tracker with a 36V to 12V dropper, and the power feed is installed on the switched side of the isolator or run switch. That means the tracker is not drawing power when the buggy is parked up overnight.

track Case Study

Alan Munroe of AJM Performance has been delighted with the solution. Alan specialises in offering buggies for hire to top courses all around Scotland, and was struggling to find a tracking company who could do the job properly. Having tried a few suppliers without success, Alan came to Pinpointers looking for a solution.

Pinpointers quickly identified the right solution for him, and working with a local engineering firm in Aberdeen, we got the tracking equipment installed quickly and efficiently.

AJM Performance can now monitor the usage of each buggy remotely, and invoice the clubs for exactly how much time they are used.