track The Challenge

Whether it’s a motorbike, a quad bike or a tractor, the challenges are largely the same when it comes to tracking these types of assets - they are often subject to our variable British climate, which of course means plenty of rain, and for quad bikes and tractors you also have the issue of lots of dust and dirt, which is often removed with a jet wash.

track Our Solution

We install our waterproof P75 tracker which carries an IP68 waterproof rating in a location that minimises the risk of water and dust intrusion. The device has a predrilled fixing hole to make it easy to attach in even the hardest to reach locations. Its large internal battery will also keep the tracker reporting for up to three days in the event that your bike is stolen and taken away.

track Case Study

Gloucester BMW have hundreds of motorbikes for sale at their Cheltenham branch, and wanted to keep track of bikes taken out on demonstration rides to ensure customers were not being too reckless with their speeds. The P75 was a perfect solution, quick to fit and it reports just how fast the bikes have been driven.

PC Thorold in Lincolnshire suffered the loss of two very expensive tractors in the dead of the night from their large farm estate. We fitted water and dust proof P75 trackers to all of their tractors and whilst they thankfully have not had any further thefts, the trackers have helped to remind them where all the tractors are which helps to organise their very busy schedules.

Cwikskip Waste Management in Rugby were already tracking their skip delivery vehicles with our regular P55 tracker when MD Ian Dann asked us if we could track his quad bike in case of theft. We fitted the P75 and he can now trace it if it should ever get stolen.