track The Challenge

Trailers are one of the more challenging assets to track with a traditional tracking device. The main problem is that the tracker works best with a permanent power feed, just as it would in a regular vehicle, but trailers are unable to provide that dependable power source due the way in which trailers are hooked up to the truck via the various cables.

The challenge is therefore to provide a self powered device that is not reliant on an external power source.

track Our Solution

Our self contained trailer and asset tracker is a sealed, IP67 water proof device with a large capacity internal battery. It can be configured to report on a regular timed interval such as every four hours, or once a day. The time that it lasts until the battery needs replacement varies according to that reporting schedule. As a guide, four positions a day would give you over a year, one position a day would give you five years. We send you an alert when the battery reaches 30% so you can plan ahead. You can either change the battery pack yourself, or we can cycle the unit over by sending you an advance replacement that’s fully charged, and you swap it over and send us the depleted one back (charges apply, please ask for details).

track Case Study

Amber Foods operates a fleet of food waste management trailers that are moved around by a variety of trucks from different fleet operators. They were finding it difficult to be completely sure where each trailer was at any time, as they have very strict rules about servicing and cleaning due to potential contamination.

We fitted our P505 trailer trackers, with a fixed timed report twice a day at 8:00am and 8:00pm. The devices are attached just under the access stairs at the rear of the trailer. The devices will run for just over three years before they need to have their batteries replaced, which can be done in just a few minutes.

In addition to the fixed reports, our P505 trailer trackers can also be configured to report more rapidly when moving. This is a perfect solution for assets that are normally stationary, where rapid reporting is only required when the asset moves. In this mode, a device can remain in standby mode reporting once per day for over 4 years. When moved, the device can report every 5 minutes for up to 10 days depending on the battery level.