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Seamless Integration with Coach Manager Booking System

Pinpointers® announces seamless telematics integration with Distinctive Systems’ industry-standard Coach Manager booking system.

With the new facility, all contract and private hire bookings together with their associated movements are automatically loaded into the Pinpointers Jobs Management Suite. For every vehicle that has a Pinpointers telematics system installed, a corresponding Job is created for each movement in Coach Manager. The fleet manager can then monitor the performance of their bookings in real time on the Pinpointers Web Interface.

Not only can the fleet manager see where the vehicles are, they can also see the context of what they are doing in relation to their business, and manage problems accordingly.

The integration of the two products elevates simple tracking into a feature rich sophisticated business management tool. The new system is being trialled initially by three leading coach operators.

Coach Manager is a booking system for private hire and contract work specially designed for coach, minibus, chauffeur and community transport operators. It is powerful enough for even the largest operators, yet still affordable for smaller operators. It is used by over 350 bus and coach companies, and provides facilities for private and contract hire bookings.

“This new capability is straightforward to use for coach and bus operators, and gives them real-time updates that will enable them to spot and solve any problems as early as possible,” said Jon Pope, Sales Director of Pinpointers Telematics.

“In conjunction with our new Public Web Page facility, the customers themselves can be given visibility of the location of the coach. This is a powerful feature from which many customers will benefit. You can give the school office visibility of where the school bus is, or a relative can see where you are whilst away on a tour or holiday. Furthermore, the Route Overlay option allows the operator to create routes that can be clearly seen on the maps, making it very easy to keep an eye on the progress of each vehicle assigned to that task.”

Pinpointers & Distinctive Systems RouteOne Feature

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